About Daria Chez

Daria is a London based fashion stylist who likes to experiment with textures and silhouette while paying particular attention to detail. 

She obtained a Fashion & Personal Styling Advanced Diploma from the London College of Style in 2021. 

Originally from Russia, Daria moved to the UK in 2010 to complete a Master’s Degree in International Business. Over the past few years she gained experience in acting, voice-over, modelling and corporate sales. She is a native Russian speaker, fluent in English and conversational in Spanish.

Daria has worked with such renowned photographers as Carlos Lumiere, Tiffany Mumford, Yoshitaka Kono, Ekin Can Bayrakdar and Zuzu Valla. Her works have been published in a number fashion magazines including MOD, L'Officiel, PAP and Vogue Portugal.

Daria is particularly strong in editorial styling both in studio and on location and is now available for collaborative opportunities. 

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